Crafting structural change for families, while upholding the best interests of children.

Located in Batavia, OH. We service clients in Clermont, Hamilton and Brown Counties. 

CHILD SUPPORT, divorce & family law services


Crafting structural change for families, while upholding the best interests of children.


ONE OF THE MOST COMMON CHANGES to the structure of families arises through the phenomenon of divorce. Going through a divorce is a painful and confusing experience. I empathize with clients who do so, for I have experienced it myself, and have guided thousands of clients to successful outcomes for theirs. Even though your marriage has not been successful, your divorce can be, with appropriate guidance. I am a person of compassion; I will listen to your unique circumstances, and generate a tailor-made plan for your situation. 

I also provide strategic guidance on other matters affecting the structure of families, such as dissolution, legal separation, post-decree matters, custody, visitation, child support, adoption, final directives (wills and powers of attorney), and prenuptial agreements. The matter of custody is a growing issue, toward which I offer extensive experience.


Our team is highly skilled and professional, providing timely, reliable, and trustworthy service. If you are looking for reasoned and emotionally aware guidance while your family restructures, we can deliver that to you.

Due to the complexity involved with restructuring a family, we look first for an amicable resolution between parties, as it is almost always in the best interest of children and parents.  We facilitate clients to settle disputes through professionally guided agreement, which typically provides preferred outcomes over litigation. However, if such settlement is not possible, we will fully prepare you and your case for litigation.


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"Susan helped me to get shared parenting of my little boy.

She knew the ins and outs of the court system and helped me understand how the process works and worked diligently to prepare me for the trial. Would use her again if I ever need legal advice."


Divorce, Child Support & Dissolution

A divorce is a life-altering event. During a divorce proceeding, emotions are heightened and can lead to poor decisions on the part of both parties involved.


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Custody & Visitation

In child custody matters, the Court determines custody based on what it believes to be the best interests of the children. Child Custody and visitation matters affect children under the age of 18. 


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Adopting a child is a beautiful time in the life of a family. If you and your partner are considering adopting, you'll need an attorney qualified to assist you with the complex legal aspects of the process.


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Wills & Living Wills

I encourage all of my of all ages to think about having a will and living will. Far from being a morbid exercise, these documents give you the confidence that your wishes will be carried out as you desire.


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Power of Attorney

A Power of Attorney is a written document in which one person (the principal) appoints another person to act as an agent on his or her behalf, thus conferring authority on the agent to perform certain acts or functions on behalf of the principal.


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